A new generation of funds is being launched to boost and invert equity performance.

As day traders reel from market volatility, the SEC issues a risk warning.

On Wall Street, a new ETF-for-everything era may have just begun, adding to an industry that already has nearly 3,000 products and $6.2 trillion in assets.

After the debut of the first single-equity ETFs, the thriving world of exchange-traded funds is about to become even more crowded.

The eight AXS Investments products appear to be the beginning of a wave of heightened strategies aimed at improving or inverting the performance of volatile companies such as Tesla Inc., Nvidia Corp., and PayPal Holdings Inc.

Another proposed lineup from Toroso Investments includes a bullish options strategy to boost returns.

According to filings tracked by Bloomberg, at least 85 more such ETFs covering 37 companies are currently planned.

The AXS TSLA Bear Daily (ticker TSLQ) has a 1.15 percent expense ratio, while the spot borrowing rate for Tesla shares  a measure of the cost of shorting the stock  is currently around 0.3.percent.

Another source of concern for new traders is that the tickers for single-stock funds are very similar to the tickers for individual stocks.

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