Virat Kohli has total 11 tattoos on his various body parts. 

By Babita Singh

Virat Kohli has total 11 tattoos on his various body parts. 

1.Mother's name tattoo Virat has tattoo of his mother's name 'Saroj' on his upper left arm.

2.Father's name tattoo Virat has his father's name tattoo 'Prem' on his left hand. His father was a criminal lawyer and died in 2006 due to heart attack.

3.Lord Shiva Tattoo-- Kohli has also a tattoo of 'Lord shiva meditating on kailash' on his left arm. Kohli is a devotee of Lord shiva.

4.'Scorpio' Tattoo-- Kohli has a tattoo of scorpio on his upper right arm. His zodiac sign is scorpion. 

5.'Monastery image' Tattoo On the left side of his shoulder, next to the Lord Shiva tattoo, is a drawing of a monastery. For Kohli, it represents his desire for power and tranquility.

6.'God's Eye Tattoo' Kohli has God's eye tattoo on his left shoulder. It symbolises that God is seeing each and every action.

7. '175' Tattoo Kohli has tattoo of 175 that signifies his Odi debut cap number 175.

8.'269' Tattoo Kohli has 269 tattoo on his left hand. 269 is the test debut cap number.

9.'Japanese Samurai Tattoo Kohli has "Japanese Samurai holding sword" tattoo on his upper left arm. Samurai is a Japanese warrior . This is the kohli's favourite tattoo. Kohli believes that he gets strength from this tattoo.

10.Tribal Tattoo Kohli has a tribal tattoo on his right forearm. It denotes devotion to his group, the squad, and, of course, his aggressive fighting spirit. 

11."OM" Tattoo Kohli has 'OM' tattoo on his shoulder. That om tattoo signifies spiritual strength. Om tattoo is drawn near 'God's eye' tattoo.

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