An Amtrak passenger train traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago derailed on Monday, 27th June in a remote Missouri area. 

Amtrak train derailed  collide with a truck, killing three people and injuring several others.  

The two people who died in the crash were on the train and one person was in the truck.  

The exact number of people injured in the accident is not yet known. 

Seven coaches on the Train had derailed officials trying to ascertain the exact number of people on board the Train.

The Collision occurred on a road at the crossroads of a rural area near Mendon. There was no proper lighting system in that area. 

According to information received from hospitals, more than 40 people have been admitted so far and other injured are also brought to the hospital. 

According to the highway patrol, about 207 passengers and crew were on board the Amtrak passenger train.

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