Every year on July 4, USA celebrates its Independence Day

This time it is USA's 246th Independence Day.

US has also been under Britain and on July 4, 1776, it declared its independence from the British Empire.With this the United States of America  was established.

There is a holiday in the country on this day.

There are usually fireworks on this occasion. People celebrate picnics in the park, many types of games are organized....

.....Along with this, political speeches and many other types of programs are organized. This day is the National Day of US.

US also known as 'Uncle Sam', was also a slave of British rule. The way the British persecuted India, in the same way people were subjected to atrocities in USA.

Due to the atrocities, there was a confrontation between the British officers and the Americans.

Britain had 13 colonies in America. On July 2, 1776, the people of America declared their independence from 12 colonies.

The decision to leave Great Britain was a big decision. Demanded independence through one vote on behalf of the Continental Congress.

On 4 July 1776, the 13 colonies voted to adopt the Declaration of Independence. He signed the manifesto and declared himself free.

The 13 colonies had declared independence together and it is also called 'Declaration of Independence'.

Thomas Jefferson was also among the members of the Continental Congress. He prepared this manifesto in consultation with the rest of the committee members John Adams, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin and William Livingston.

Jefferson became the third President of America and he took over the rule of the country in 1801.

On July 4, 1977, the country's Independence Day was celebrated for the first time in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

While Congress was fighting for the independence of America. In the first celebration, 13 gunshots were fired and there were fireworks. That's when the fireworks started.

In 1801, the White House officially declared July 4 as Independence Day for the first time.

After independence, General George Washington became the first President of America. Even today, the people of the country know him as a freedom fighter. The capital of the country was named after him .

The story of America's enslavement is also very interesting. It is said that Christopher Columbus had set out to search for India and accidentally reached America.

 When Columbus was told that he had discovered an island, there was a competition in many countries to capture it. The people of Britain came here in large numbers and occupied themselves.