Unlock Limitless Storage Power: Silicon Power's 2TB Marvels Hit the Market! 

By: Nitin Singh


Silicon Power shifts gears, introducing the MS70 and DS72 2TB thumb drives, challenging entry-level market stereotypes. 

Silicon Power Breaks Norms

Boasting USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A interfaces, the MS70 and DS72 deliver speeds of 1050 MBps reads and 850 MBps writes, carving a niche in high-performance UFD. 

Impressive Performance

The MS70's rubber and aluminum casing combines durability with a sleek design, challenging competitors with its sturdiness and protective features. 

Compact Design, Robust Build

Silicon Power adopts an affordable pricing strategy at around 5¢ per GB for the MS70, targeting consumers seeking high-capacity, high-performance thumb drives sans unnecessary frills. 

Aggressive Pricing Strategy

While the teardown wasn't possible, CrystalDiskInfo reveals the Phison U17 controller, and Silicon Power confirms SK hynix 3D TLC NAND use, ensuring performance standards in future variations. 

Controller and NAND Insights

Silicon Power's foray into the 2TB thumb drive market positions them as industry pioneers, redefining expectations in terms of performance, capacity, and affordability. 

Pioneering 2TB Thumb Drives

Silicon Power's MS70 and DS72 represent a bold stride in portable storage, setting a new standard for 2TB thumb drives—reliable, fast, and competitively priced. 2. 

Game-Changing Innovation


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