Under the New START arms limitation deal, Russia has informed the US that it has "temporarily" ceased on-site inspections of its strategic nuclear weapons.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the US was looking for an edge and had denied Russia the ability to conduct inspections on US territory.

It said that US sanctions imposed on Russia over Ukraine had altered bilateral relations.

The pact went into effect in 2011.

It is the only remaining armaments reduction pact between the former Cold War adversaries.

It limits the number of long-range nuclear warheads that any country can deploy to 1,550.

According to the government, the suspension is permissible under treaty rules "in extreme circumstances."

The suspension comes only a week after US Vice President Joe Biden stated he was ready to work on a new nuclear arms accord with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The present one will expire in 2026.

New START came after years of armaments reduction talks between the United States and the former Soviet Union aimed at preventing nuclear war.

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