UFO sightings are usually reported by random people looking up at the sky.

Since the popularity of cell phones, it has become much easier to capture video of them, as we all now carry cameras in our pockets.

Only recently has the United States government admitted that it, too, has records of unidentified flying objects and has no idea what we're all seeing.

But this unusual sighting comes from a source I've never seen before, a weather camera at a local news station.

A local newscaster in Colchester, Vermont, broadcasted a clip from their weather camera at 5 a.m. in the video.

When viewers noticed a large, oblong, disc-shaped object rising horizontally through the sky that morning, they called the station in droves.

They know it's not a bug or a smudge on their camera lens, but they're stumped as to where this oblong image came from.

Other images captured by the camera show the same shape moving around.

They came to the conclusion that the object is most likely an irregularity on the protective housing surrounding the camera.

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