Star player for the Los Angeles Chargers Justin Herbert is currently facing a serious injury.

In Week 2's matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs, the team's star quarterback sustained a rib injury.

The team is currently taking great care with his recovery as a result. A team doctor has been assigned to work with Herbert throughout his recuperation.

However, another NFL quarterback is currently criticising the aforementioned Chargers doctor.

The New York Giants' backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor is reportedly involved in a legal dispute with team physician David S. Gazzaniga.

Taylor is suing the physician because he sustained a punctured lung in 2020.

Then, Tyrod Taylor goes on to assert in his lawsuit that this medical malpractice ultimately caused him to lose his starting position with the Chargers.

Taylor signed a one-year contract with the Houston Texans following his unsuccessful time with the Chargers.

Taylor is now Daniel Jones' backup quarterback for the Giants.

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