Two asteroids the size of skyscrapers are heading toward Earth this weekend.

The first will make its closest approach on Friday (29 July), and the second will fly over on Saturday (30 July).

According to NASA, the first asteroid, 2016 CZ31, will pass by at 7 p.m. ET (23:00 GMT) on Friday, travelling at an estimated 34,560 mph (55,618 km/h).

Astronomers believe that the asteroid is 400 feet (122 metres) broad at its widest point, making it roughly the width of a 40-story building.

The asteroid will pass approximately 1,740,000 miles (2,800,000 kilometres) from Earth.

This space rock, according to NASA, will come near to Earth again in January 2028, after a few years.

On Saturday, a second, larger asteroid will pass by our planet, though at a greater distance.

This asteroid, known as 2013 CU83, is about 600 feet (183 metres) across at its widest visible point and will pass Earth by around 4,320,000 miles (6,960,000 kilometres).

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