Tour de France: World's longest cycling race.

The total length of this race is 3,540 km. and this race is completed in 21 stages.

The Tour de France race was first organized in 1903 to increase the sale of newspapers.

This race is being organized continuously except in the First and Second World Wars.

This race is organized every year by "Amaury Sport Organization".

  A.  S. O

Amaury Sport Organization

This race, which is held in 21 stages every year, is organized in neighboring countries apart from France.

Earlier this race was also organized at night but due to disturbances by the participants, its event has been stopped at night.

The winner of this race is declared to the racer who covers the entire distance in the shortest time.

In this, the average time taken in each stage is calculated i.e. the racer who takes the lowest average time is declared the winner.

The 2022 Tour de France is the ongoing 109th edition of the Tour de France.

It started in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 1 July and will end with the final stage at Champs-Élysées, Paris on 24 July.

The first winner in the history of Tour de France was Maurice Garin (France).

Most successful winners of this cycling tournament are: Jacques Anquetil(France), Eddy Merckx(Belgium) , Bernaurd Hilal (France), Miquel Endurain(Espain).

Previous year 2021 winner was Tadej Pogacar (Slovenia).

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