As the film continues to perform at the box office to tremendous success, Top Gun: Maverick has found itself at the top of the Paramount mountain.

The latest global numbers from the film's box office have been released, revealing that the movie has now passed the $600 million mark internationally 

Coupled with the film recently crossing $600 million domestically, the total global haul for the film now sits at $1.2 billion globally. 

Having achieved that major feat, Top Gun: Maverick is now the highest-grossing worldwide release from Paramount Pictures of all-time. Let's break it down below. 

Having become #1 Top Gun: Maverick has leapfrogged Transformers: Age Of Extinction ($1.104 billion) and Transformers: Dark of the Moon ($1.123 billion) to take the top spot. 

Other major films that Top Gun: Maverick had to beat out to earn the #1 spot include Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with $836 million globally 

Shrek the Third with $807 million, and another Tom Cruise-hit, Mission: Impossible – Fallout with $787 million. 

It's worth noting that technically Paramount's Titanic remains their biggest film of all-time; however, Titanic was only distributed by Paramount in the United States, and was released internationally by 20th Century Fox. 

As a result, Top Gun: Maverick IS technically their biggest worldwide release. 

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