Top 10 Lesser Known Facts About Victor Wembanyama

By Navneet Singh

Victor Wembanyama is a 7feet 4 inch taller which makes him special. 

Lebron James, the basketball legend once called him alien because of his huge physical stature and other skills.

Wembanyama's skill of shooting the ball is exceptional. 

Wembanyama's ability to drill three point shots with so ease distinguished him from others.

Wembanyama belongs to a sports family. •Father-- Felix Wembenyama-- 6feet 6inch-- Former Field Athlete •Mother-- Elio de Fautereau-- 6 Feet 3 inch-- Former Basketball player-- Now Basketball coach. •Elder Sister-- Eve -- practices hoops •Younger brother-- Oscar--Basketball player representing ASVEL's U-18 team. 

Wembanyama's blocking skills and defence are exceptional that poses threats to other team's defence. 

Wembanyama got initial basketball training under his mother's guidance. 

Wembenyama's taller height of 7 feet 4 inch results in longer wing span of 2.4 metre or 8 foot long, which is rare. 

Nanterre basketball club coach Michael Allard noticed Wembanyama for the first time during U-11 game in versailles.

Vembanyama is selected in France basketball team for World Cup Qualifiers 2023.

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