Tom Brady will be punished by the NFL following a kick

By Navneet Singh

Fans learned late Thursday night that Tom Brady, the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was apparently the subject of an NFL investigation into possible sanctions.

Grady Jarrett, a defensive lineman for the Atlanta Falcons, had just sacked Brady when the incident occurred.

As both players stood up, Brady appeared to try to kick Jarrett, but he didn't land the kick.

Brady will be penalised for his actions, it turns out. A recent report claims that the NFL fined Brady more than $11,000.

Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Buccaneers, was informed by the NFL that he will be fined $11,139 for kicking Grady Jarrett on the play where the Falcons DL was called for unnecessary roughness.

Brady won't have an issue with this because he has made a lot of money during his NFL career, both on and off the field.

This is noteworthy since it's unusual to see a quarterback penalised for their actions on the field.

Tom Brady has been surrounded by many controversies this season.

Tom Brady's married life is also on the verge of breaking up.

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