TikTok stars ranging from Addison Rae to Hyram are flocking to the short video app Flip

On July 27, Addison Rae demonstrated an Item Beauty lash primer in a one-minute mobile video tutorial.

This, however, was not for her 88.5 million TikTok followers, nor was it a Reels video for her 40.1 million Instagram followers.

Instead,she is the most recent major influencer to join Flip.

A beauty social commerce app that debuted in 2019 and recently received $60 million in Series B funding.

In the last month, Flip has seen an influx of major beauty influencers join everyday beauty enthusiasts on the platform.

On July 29, Hyram Yarbro and Sommer Ray posted their first Flip videos, following Rae.

They join Patrick Starrr, Patrick Ta, Shayla Mitchell, and Angel Merino, who have been posting on Flip since December, and Ariel Tejada, who has been posting for four months.

Flip established a separate "founder" category for brand founders to promote their own products.

Noor Agha is the founder and CEO of Flip.

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