Three people were killed and two others were injured Sunday evening at an Indiana mall after a man with a rifle opened fire in a food court and was shot and killed by an armed civilian, according to police.

The man entered the Greenwood Park Mall armed with a rifle and several magazines of ammunition and started shooting in the food court.

An armed civilian killed the shooter.

Four people were killed and two others were injured, with one male and four female victims.

The man who killed the shooter was not identified, but Ison(Greenwood police chief) described him as a 22-year-old man from Bartholemew County.

Officers responded to the mall around 6 p.m. after receiving reports of a shooting.

Authorities searched the mall for additional victims, but they believe the shooting was limited to the food court.

According to Ison, police seized a suspicious backpack in a bathroom near the food court. Ison said Sunday night that the backpack did not contain any explosive devices, but he did not elaborate on what was discovered inside.

Authorities were unable to say Sunday night whether the victims were targeted or shot at random, or what motivated the shooting.

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