Marvel Studios’ new offering ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ brings the story of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the 29th film.

The story of Thor, a fictional folk god of Asgard, once thought up by Stan Lee in comics, has been further expanded upon by writers who inherited his legacies such as Larry Leiber and Jack Kirby. 

Talking about Thor’s character only, this character’s entry into Marvel Comics comes from a comic book called ‘Journey into Mystery’ in 1962.  

This character appeared on the screen in 2011. Became part of Team Avengers.  

The film ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is a very strange film 

The journey that Chris Hemsworth, who plays this character, has taken along with this character over the past 11 years, has had an impact on both. 

Chris Hemsworth has appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe eight times playing Thor so far.  

The film ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is his fourth film as a solo hero.  

Where Thor was very arrogant and temperamental in the early stages, after director Taika Waititi arrived at Marvel Studios,

he started trying to create the kind of Thor he teamed up with Chris in ‘Thor: Ragnarok, the real result of which is now the film ‘Thor: Love’. And Thunder’ has appeared.  

The DNA of the film ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ takes it to a place where a priest of God turns against God to avenge his personal loss.  

These opening scenes leave the audience shuddering. The matter looks hopeful but, there are a lot of hiccups in this entire film and  

since the film runs ahead at a very high speed, then at some places these hiccups also start giving trouble. 

Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale,  Tessa Thompson and Chris Pratt

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