Ra'Shaad Samples hoped that the sauna would help him relax.

Instead, the Los Angeles Rams running backs coach ran into the source of his annoyance: Bobby Wagner.

Wagner is an eight-time Pro Bowler.

At training camp, Wagner had been "beating the dog out of" Samples' running backs in one-on-one pass protection drills. Samples wished to comprehend.

Samples stated, I really enjoy going to the person who whooped your (expletive) and asking, "How did you whoop my (expletive)?"

Samples could explain after 45 minutes of planning and scheming when Wagner observed young Rams backs shifting weight to an inner foot prior to the play.

To shake them loose, the 11th-year defender jabbed at that point of gravity.

Afterward, they tried to beat them inside on some shots and outside on others.

Physical dominance wasn't enough to win, both players and coaches needed to find every mental advantage.

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