The gray man, played by Ryan Gosling, is an off-books government killer whose real name is Court Gentry,

which sounds fake enough (Beau Monde Patrician? Noble Fancyperson?) to make the idea of a code name feel a little superfluous 

But he has one of those, too: Sierra Six, which is a reference to the CIA program he’s recruited into at the start of the movie as well as a not-so-subtle nod to a certain globe-trotting spy. 

Gray Man is a Netflix original, and churning out brand-new properties that feel a lot like things you’ve seen before has become the streaming giant’s main jam. 

And in many ways, it sums up what Netflix is now pinning its cinematic future on. 

Adapted from the first of a series of books by Mark Greaney,

it’s meant to launch a franchise, and it’s directed by Marvel veterans the Russo brothers  

It’s also the most expensive movie Netflix has ever made, though a huge part of that reported $200 million budget  

Surely went to hefty payouts for Gosling (who hasn’t appeared in a movie since First Man in 2018), Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas.  

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