A case of polio has been detected in New York, the first instance of the virus in almost a decade.

The case was confirmed in a resident of Rockland County, about 36 miles north of New York City, the first case since 2013, according to the state and county health departments. 

The patient is no longer considered contagious, the AP reports, but has developed paralysis. 

the patient had previously received an oral polio vaccine, which are no longer administered in the U.S. 

Inactivated vaccines — ones that use dead germs from the disease — have been the only polio vaccines authorized in the U.S. since 2000. 

This could mean the patient picked up the strain in a country where oral polio vaccines are still given. 

According to the CDC, no cases of polio have originated in the United States since 1979 

The New York health departments and the CDC recommend that those unvaccinated against polio receive the vaccine. 

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