Rebecca William ,  a mother of two who had gone from cocktail waitress to dancer to make ends meet.

A cop's daughter who had always wanted to fight crime.

And, for four and a half years, a confidential informant who assisted the feds in apprehending a white supremacist.

White supremacist who was responsible for a bombing in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2004 that injured a Black man and had plans to do even worse.

In an exclusive interview,  Rebecca Williams reveals her true identity and tells the bizarre story of her ATF recruitment.

Williams worked as an undercover agent for the ATF from January 2005 to June 2009.

First, she became friends with Dennis and Daniel Mahon, members of the KKK and the White Aryan Resistance who, according to a former ATF agent, may be the greatest serial bombers ever.

Williams was introduced to federal agents by his brother Phillip, a career criminal who agreed to infiltrate the Hells Angels in exchange for selling drugs to an undercover agent.

She is currently working on her own to solve a local cold case.

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