The Cowboys released Ezekiel Elliott for what reason?

By Navneet Singh

Dallas has formally released Ezekiel Elliot less than an hour before the start of the new league season.

Elliott played for the Cowboys for seven seasons and was selected as an AP All-Pro as a rookie.

Elliott  has now appeared in three Pro Bowls and twice finished first in the NFL in rushing yards.

Although it may come as a surprise to some, Elliott was released by the Cowboys after a disappointing year.

Elliott had a career-low 876 running yards and lacked the same explosion he had in the beginning of his career.

The reason for Dallas choice to release a player who has been a franchise symbol for seven seasons is based only on his performance.

Elliott has only gained 4.0 yards per rush on average over the previous three seasons.

Tony Pollard's development into a starting-caliber back has further exposed Elliott's decline as a runner.

During the course of his first four seasons, Pollard averaged a staggering 5.1 yards per rush for the Cowboys and was an explosive playmaker.

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