Technical glitches delayed Netflix Series 'Love is blind reunion'

By Babita Singh

TV networks Hulu and Bravo criticised Netflix on Twitter for the subscriber-experienced technical issue.

The live streaming of the season four reunion show on Netflix on Sunday night was a terrible experience for many Love Is Blind fans as they encountered technical difficulties. 

Due to the technical issue, fans were unable to observe anything at all.

 The stars of the season would remember the key moments and reveal their current marital situations during a reunion special hosted by Nick and Vanessa from the show.

Due to the inability to fix the technical issues, Netflix was forced to cancel the live broadcast.

"Love Is Blind" Season 4 contestants were expected to be featured on the show because they married after being engaged without ever seeing each other.

Once the livestream had started at 8 p.m. ET, viewers were greeted with a notice instructing them to wait.

Chris Coelen and Kinetic Content are the creators of the dating reality TV show Love Is Blind. 

The series depicts a social experiment in which unmarried men and women hunt for love online before meeting in person and then become engaged.

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