Sydney's Star Casino was forced to pay a disabled man the $285,000 prize after withholding the 2019 victory.

A judge has ordered that the $285,000 jackpot that a disabled man won at Sydney's Star casino with the help of a player who had been previously barred must be paid out in full.

A prize won in October 2019 was unlawfully withheld by the casino, according to a court ruling.

On Friday, the district court gave David Joe a judgement worth about $320,000 with interest.

Joe, a motor neurone disease patient with a Platinum Vantage VIP membership, asked his friend Lois Lie to assist him in running the casino's poker machines.

Joe stated that Star had given him permission  to use a friend to play the slots.

However, The casino, denied to hand over the winnings,claiming that he was prohibited from entering and was not eligible to any winnings.

The court found that Joe, not Lie, had actually won the money . So,Star could not withhold payment of the $285,000 jackpot plus nearly $35,000 in interest.

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