Researchers have found a brand-new exoplanet that could be a "super-Earth" with a water-free surface that orbits a far-off star.

The so-called TOI-1452 b planet is almost 70% bigger than Earth.

According to NASA, the planet is orbiting a red dwarf star in the constellation Draco that is 100 light-years away.

Despite the fact that the planet is almost twice as large as Earth.....

The planet appears to be five times denser based on preliminary observations and computations.

According to astronomers, the planet might alternatively just be a large rock with little to no atmosphere or even a rocky planet with a hydrogen and helium-rich atmosphere.

Researchers estimate that 30% of the planet's mass could be made up of water if it truly is a "water world."

Saturn's Titan and Enceladus, or Jupiter's Ganymede and Callisto, are thought to conceal deep oceans beneath ice-coated shells.

The planet's discoverers stated they will plan time on Webb to take photos of stars penetrating the planet's atmosphere.

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