Do you also constantly question yourself and make complaints to God about how you look?

Why am I not as attractive as other people? Why am I so short? Why am I not fair? Why did I not taken birth in a wealthy family? and numerous other complaints like this

Do you know   the reason for these complains ?

Because we are so busy in comparing  ourself to others.

We often overlook the fact that each person is unique and possesses certain abilities that set us apart from one another.

We must never forget how gorgeous all of God's creations are. So, love and accept yourself just as you are.

We all are different and special in our own ways, as demonstrated by the story "Peacock Complaint to God."

let's start the story.....

One day it rained very hard, so the peacock began to dance and enjoy his beauty while doing so. Meanwhile, his harsh voice grabbed his attention.

When he suddenly heard a cuckoo singing, he became upset, and because of his harsh voice, tears began to fill up in his eyes.

Then a goddess appeared and questioned the peacock “Peacock, why are you sad?” The peacock complained to the goddess about his harsh voice and asked

The cuckoo’s voice is so melodious  but why not mine?  after listening to peacock the goddess replied....

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