Star Sports Blunder: Kohli vs. Sharma Controversy 

By: Nitin Singh

Star Sports sparks fan fury as they mistakenly feature Virat Kohli instead of Rohit Sharma in a pivotal India vs. New Zealand match preview poster.

Outraged Indian cricket enthusiasts flood social media with #ShameOnStarSports, amassing a staggering 14.8k posts and counting.

Gautam Gambhir, former vice-captain, calls out sports channels for morphing into PR agencies, emphasizing the neglect of unsung cricket heroes like Mohinder Amarnath from the 1983 World Cup.

Gambhir questions the selective spotlight on a few star players, challenging viewers to recall the contributions of overlooked legends like Amarnath.

The controversy underscores the importance of unbiased sports coverage, urging channels to maintain accuracy and fairness to preserve viewer trust.

Social media becomes a battleground as cricket aficionados demand accountability from Star Sports, amplifying the #ShameOnStarSports hashtag to express their disappointment.

The mishap adds fuel to the ongoing debate on sports broadcasting ethics, with fans emphasizing the need for channels to prioritize a balanced portrayal of all players.

As the storm rages on, the incident prompts a broader reflection on the impact of media choices in shaping public perception of cricket stars, both past and present.

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