For the company’s fifth operational astronaut launch, which will also be the first time a Russian cosmonaut flies aboard Crew Dragon, SpaceX and NASA have chosen October 3rd. 

NASA revealed in July that SpaceX’s Crew-5 mission, which was originally planned to take place in early September ,

will now take place in late September as a result of the business accidentally ramming its brand-new Falcon 9 rocket booster into a bridge. 

Fortunately for SpaceX, the event only damaged the booster’s top, which could be repaired quickly with a replacement interstage.  

Nevertheless, the unanticipated repairs required time, delaying the start of qualification testing in McGregor, Texas. 

The launch was ultimately delayed by almost a month as a result of the damage, falling on September 29.  

NASA and SpaceX changed that time to October 3 at 12:55 p.m. EDT (16:55 p.m. UTC) to assure “extra separation with spacecraft traffic” at the busy International Space Station about a month later (ISS). 

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