Southampton F.C. -  Some Facts About The Team.

By Nitin Singh

Southampton f.c. is a professional English football club situated in the Southampton, Hemisphere

Southampton f.c. is mainly competes in the premier league.

St. Mary's Stadium is their home ground since 2001 before that Dell was their home ground.

The Saint is their nickname because the club started as a church football club at St. Mary's Church.

This Club Founded in 1885 and in 1894 they joined the southern league as Southampton St. Mary's, but after 3 years they dropped the St. Mary's from their name.

A training Facilities worth  £ 40 million opened in the November 2014. They named the main building on their late owner, Markus Liebherr.

The games between the Saints and their fierce local rivals, Portsmouth F.C., from the same city 19 miles (31 km) from Southampton, are referred to as the South Coast Derby.

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