Silver Price Today in  USA

By: Nitin Singh

As of 8:20 am ET, the silver price stands at $24 per ounce, reflecting a 0.71% increase from yesterday's rate of $23.

Current Silver Price:

Compared to the previous week, silver has seen a 1.97% rise in its price, indicating a positive trend in the market.

Weekly Performance:

 Over the past month, the price of silver has surged by 7.57%, highlighting a substantial upward movement in its value.

Monthly Increase:

The highest recorded silver price in the last 52 weeks is $24, showcasing the market's resilience and stability.

52-Week High:

Conversely, the lowest silver price in the past 52 weeks is $21, offering insight into the range of fluctuations within the market.

52-Week Low:

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