Shedeur Sanders Criticizes Coach Rhule After Colorado Win

By: Babita Singh

Shedeur Sanders called out Coach Matt Rhule for showing disrespect towards his father and teammates after Colorado's 36-14 win over Nebraska. 

Shedeur Sanders described the victory as a deeply personal one, likely fueled by perceived disrespect from Coach Rhule. 

Shedeur Sanders hinted that Coach Rhule had made disparaging comments about Deion Sanders, possibly in reference to previous remarks made about Coach Prime's hiring. 

Deion Sanders, while known for enjoying the spotlight, has earned the love of his team for fiercely defending his players against external criticism. 

Shedeur Sanders expressed his lack of respect for Coach Rhule's recent attempts to mend fences, emphasizing that prior disrespect had soured relations. 

Shedeur Sanders recounted an incident where Coach Rhule attempted to disrupt Colorado's pre-game warm-up, further fueling the animosity. 

In addition to pre-game tensions, Nebraska players were accused of punting footballs toward the Colorado huddle. 

Despite the historic rivalry and tensions, Colorado celebrated a joyous home opener with Shedeur Sanders leading the way. 

Shedeur Sanders not only excelled on the field but also paid tribute to his father with an end zone dance. 

The No. 22 Buffaloes improved to 2-0 after defeating TCU and now have the potential to climb in the next AP poll, while Coach Rhule's Nebraska tenure faces challenges after a rocky start. 

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