Kyle Shanahan desires his 49ers teammates to support QB Trey Lance.

Quarterback Trey Lance struggles in his first season as the starter with Jimmy Garoppolo waiting on the bench.

Some supporters may call for a return to the QB who led the Niners to the NFC title game and the Super Bowl in his two healthy seasons as a starter.

The big question is that whether lance is ready for the job or not. 

On Wednesday, Shanahan remarked, "We all know how it'll go. Also, I am aware of what would happen if Jimmy hadn't arrived and Trey had behaved badly. So, we comprehend that.

It is simple and understandable how that narrative will be since he has this successful quarterback at his side.

Outside pressure had little effect on the Niners' choice last week to re-sign Garoppolo on a reduced contract as the backup quarterback.

However, the coach felt it was significant enough to convene a group of roughly 15 team leaders before the news became public to explain the club's logic in making the change.

He advised the players to make sure Lance was supported through any difficult times.

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