Romay Davis, 102, will be honoured for her service at a ceremony at Montgomery City Hall.

It comes after President Joe Biden's choice to sign a measure in March granting the "Six Triple Eight" unit the Congressional Gold Medal.

In a Monday interview at her home, Davis said the group deserved to be recognised and that she was happy to take part on behalf of other members who had already died .

Davis enrolled in the Army in 1943, following her five brothers.

The native of Virginia married after the war, worked in New York's fashion sector for 30 years, and then retired to Alabama.

She returned to the labour in her late 70s, earning a black belt in martial arts, and worked at a grocery shop in Montgomery for more than 20 years before retiring at the age of 101.

The Women's Army Corps, which President Franklin D. Roosevelt established in 1943, included Davis' regiment.

The 6888th, which set ship for England in February 1945, was constituted by more than 800 Black women.

A monument honouring the 6888th was previously unveiled in 2018 at Buffalo Soldier Military Park at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

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