Saharashri Subrata Roy's Words of Wisdom. 

By: Babita Singh

You should be true to your commitments if you want to be a good human being and successful person.

A Temporary lie may spare you of immediate troubles, but will ultimately defeat you.

It is observed that if you adhere to truth strictly you may face problems but just momentarily; in the days ahead you gain much more.

People whose ego is of a high degree are difficult to change.

So you can see how everything is in our hands. Life is beautiful, relationaships are beautiful. But it depends entirely on you, how beautiful you make it.

Three Basic Factors that have a strong influence on human life- Need,desire and greed- which are all inter-related.

The importance lies in priority. One has to fix one's priority according to the demands of genuineness, time and situation.

Enthusiastic give and take of respect and of genuine duties towards one another is the golden rule of happiness for all.

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