Ryan Gosling is ecstatic to play Ken, everyone's favourite plastic boyfriend, in the highly anticipated "Barbie" film.

In a feverish interview, the Canadian actor caught several Ken Portmantius involved in a discussion about his new Netflix action thriller, "The Gray Man."

In "The Gray Man," Chris Evans' character refers to Gosling as a "Ken doll," a reference to Gosling's upcoming role as Barbie's bleach-blonde partner.

Ryan Gosling is a Canadian star.

When host Lauren Zima pressed him on the definition of Ken-ergy, he simply stated, "You have a Ken in your life, and you know that Ken has Ken-ergy."

Even when answering questions about his new Netflix film, Gosling found ways to return to Ken.

When asked about the plot of "Barbie," Gosling was coy and began to blur the lines between our reality and that of the film.

The movie "Barbie"  Starring by Marget Robbie and Ryan Gosling and directed by Greta Gerwig.

Barbie is a forthcoming romantic comedy film based on Mattel's eponymous fashion doll line.

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