The US supreme court overturned the ‘Roe vs Wade’ decision 0f 1973, in which a women’s right to abortion was ensured.

The court said that the constitution does not provide for the right to abortion. The Row vs wade case has been dismissed.

According to a report by the Guttmacher Institute,  there was more than 930,000 abortion in the US in 2020 whereas this figure was around 8,62000 in 2017.

What is the ‘Roe vs Wade’ story?

In the year 1973, the supreme court of America gave a historic decision on Abortion, which was called, Roe vs Wade’.

Norma McCorvey, a girl living in Texas, USA got married at a young age. She became a mother for the first time at the age of 16 and second time at the age of 20.

What is Roe vs Wade story ?

Only after 2 years, when she was about to become a mother for the third time, she want to have an abortion. But in Texas abortion was only valid for women who were in danger of life.

She approached the federal court, but from there she did not get permission to have an abortion. After this, the mother reached the supreme court.

Here the nine-judge bench gave the verdict in her favor and abortion was now allowed for 28 weeks which was later changed to 20 weeks.

Now after overturning this decision of the supreme court, the atmosphere in America is very tense.

US president Joe Biden said- This decision is wrong while speaking on this issue. He has appealed to the people to remain calm.

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