Robbie Coltrane, The Harry Potter's Hagrid, Deceased At 72

By Nitin Singh

Robbie Coltrane was the comedian and the character actor having baby face.

Coltrane, who had hundreds of roles, has passed away. Some of his roles included a psychologist .....

....who solves crimes on the TV show "Cracker" and the kind-hearted half-giant Hagrid in the "Harry Potter" films. 

Coltrane passed away on Friday at a hospital in his native Scotland, according to his agent Belinda Wright.

One of several tributes to Coltrane was offered by Belinda, who described him as "forensically bright" and "brilliantly humorous."

J.K. Rowling, who had previously stated Coltrane was her top pick to play Hagrid in "Harry Potter," tweeted on Friday that he was a fantastic talent, a complete actor. 

Rowling wrote, I was incredibly lucky to work with him, get to know him, and laugh uncontrollably with him.

Coltrane went on to play the young wizard's teacher in all eight "Harry Potter" films.

Coltrane was born in Rutherglen, Scotland, as Anthony Robert McMillan.

Coltrane is survived by his two children, a sister and ex-wife.

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