"Trainwreck- Woodstock '99" premiered on Netflix on August 3, 2022.

Bringing to life the story of one of the most extraordinary violent, chaotic, and problematic music festivals of all time.

Michael Lang's attempts to replicate the success of the brilliant original Woodstock music festival from 1969.

The men behind the scenes made one blunder after another, resulting in what is known as the worst music festival of all time.

Woodstock 99 is the three-part exploratory documentary.

The film also attempts to demonstrate how mob mentality and the unseen side of American youth energy contributed to the event's failure.

The Director of the film is Jamie Crawford

Top cast - Maureen Callahan  Carson Daly Jonathan Davis Mike Elling Joseph Griffo

Overall, "Trainwreck-Woodstock '99" is a beautifully crafted documentary that will appeal to both music fans and others.

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