On Saturday night, KSI went out and took care of business.

At the O2 Arena in London, he defeated professional boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda and British rapper Swarmz twice via knockout.

The YouTuber decided to boost the ante and face two opponents in one night after an injury forced him to cancel a meeting with KSI.

He completely outclassed rapper Swarmz to start the DAZN X Series 001 PPV. He then defeated him in the second round.

Later in the evening, KSI defeated Pineda in the main event. Unfortunately for Pineda, he is only a pro in title.

While Pineda complained, KSI beat him from pillar to post, scoring seven knockdowns.

Pineda's performance was humiliating. He complained after each punch landed by KSI.

In the first round, KSI dropped Pineda three times, and Pineda claimed that each punch was illegal. They didn't.

The fight could have ended there, but the referee inexplicably continued it.

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