Red Sox's Season Takes an Early Blow: Key Player's Injury Looms

By: Nitin Singh

The Trevor Story at shopstop was going to be abig lift for the Boston Red Sox.

In the bottom of the fourth ining of the friday game  against Los Angeles Angels, Story had to leave the game due to injury in front of his team.

Story try to dive at hole at short for ground ball,but he lande on his left arm completely extended after that he immediately started rolling on the ground in the pain.

he remained on the ground for several minutes before slowly he started walking off the field with his left arm hanging down.

Over the past few years, Story has been hampered by injuries to his right hand, left heel, and UCL, depriving the Red Sox lineup of his potent bat and skilled glove.

Despite high hopes, the Red Sox face an early setback with a crucial player's potential extended absence looming after just one week into the season.