The 2022 Detroit Lions are unique. They are a bunch full of "grit."

The team's mantra, which has been repeated numerous times this Hard Knocks-Training Camp season with the Detroit Lions.

The head coach of Detroit Lions is Dan Campell.

Campbell must make a difficult decision on who will fill the final running back roster position, but Reynolds ultimately makes the cut.

Reynolds will be an excellent representative for the team, and he has demonstrated consistent effort throughout the preseason.

Throughout training camp, cornerback Chase Lucas has been an underappreciated story.

Lucas has shown significant development from dropping a possibly game-winning interception in the first preseason game and then assisting in the recovery of an onside kick in the final preseason game.

Lucas understands that if he wants to be a starting cornerback in the NFL, he will have to work his way up. But for the time being, Lucas can rejoice.

Wide receiver Kalil Pimpleton, a Hard Knocks favourite, sits down with Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes to be informed of his release.

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