Rahul Dravid Trained Subhman Gill

By Navneet Singh

Shubham Gill was chosen for Under 19 cricket. Rahul Dravid was the team's coach at the time. 

Rahul Dravid  was confident about  Subhman's ability from the very start.

Gill said that Dravid is not like other coaches and the way he teaches is also different.

In an interview, Shubman shared that Dravid focuses more on a batsman's mindset rather than just their technique.

Although Gill had been scoring low runs in his innings but under Dravid’s guidance he was given the opportunity to open the batting.

According to the media, Gill felt very scared when Dravid asked him to do opening. In this situation, he sought advice from his father. 

His father advised him to trust and follow Rahul Dravid’s instructions. 

Gill mentioned that Rahul sir never tells a player to change their technique or playing style. Instead, he focuses on building the player's mental strength. 

Gill also said that Rahul sir encourages  players to analyze the game and perform well, especially in challenging situations.