The polio virus was discovered in wastewater samples taken from a suburban county near New York City.

Unvaccinated adult recently developed polio disease, near New York City suburbs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the virus was found in wastewater samples taken from Rockland County in early June.

The first incidence of polio in the United States in almost a decade was reported by officials on July 21.

A vaccine effort that started in 1955 helped to almost eradicate polio in the United States.

The United States officially declared polio, formerly one of the most feared diseases in the country, to be extinct in 1979.

Laboratory analysis revealed a genetic connection between the strain in the verified case and one discovered in Israel and UK.

Polio has no known treatment, although a vaccine can prevent it.

It primarily affects youngsters and results in paralysis and muscle weakness, and in the most severe cases, irreversible impairment and death.

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