Phillies' Star Pitcher in Crisis: Will Michael Lorenzen Make or Break Their Playoff Dreams? 

By: Nitin Singh

Phillies' Michael Lorenzen faces mounting pressure to regain his form with only 11 games left in the season.

The team planned a strategy with Sánchez starting and Lorenzen moving to the bullp

 Despite Sánchez's solid performance, Lorenzen struggled, surrendering four runs in one-third of an inning.

Lorenzen's recent struggles contrast with his no-hitter against the Nationals, resulting in a 9.23 ERA in six outings.

Lorenzen remains resilient, citing previous career challenges, including a tough stretch as a rookie in 2015.

Phillies seek World Series contention, relying on Lorenzen's adaptability from starter to reliever.

Manager Rob Thomson believes Lorenzen can adjust to bullpen duties, given his veteran status.

As the Phillies race for the Wild Card, the question looms: Can Lorenzen find his groove in the bullpen?