When discussing Dallas Cowboys tight ends with helmet issues, the image of Jason Witten charging down the sideline of Lincoln Financial Field during a victory in Philadelphia in 2007 is frequently brought up.

Today's NFL regulations forbid such a play. Die-hard fans of Ultimate Dallas will remember that in 2013, the rule stopped reserve rusher Phillip Tanner from scoring while not wearing a helmet.

However, cranial madness contributed to the creation of a new hero in cult Cowboy history.

Peyton Hendershot, a rookie tight end, was expected to play a significant role in Dallas' game-winning drive against the Seattle Seahawks on Friday. He got things going with a 30-yard gain on the first play. 

Ben DiNucci's catch for the initial 15 yards resulted in a double gain after Seattle's Deontai Williams was called for a helmet-to-helmet infraction.

Unfortunately for Hendershot, the padding and chinstrap of his head protection were damaged as a result of Williams' unlawful strike.

Hendershot, eager to play again, adopted the persona of fellow rookie Jake Ferguson, a teammate, in order to return to the field. 

We were only waiting (on the sidelines) for the equipment staff to bring me a helmet, but no one was doing so "Hendershot thought back. "Just hand me your helmet, bro, I commanded. I entered after receiving his helmet.

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