A 66-year-old HIV patient was cured of the disease after having a leukaemia stem cell transplant.

While the 66-year old's Leukaemia was the primary focus of the transplant, the surgeons also sought a donor who was inherently immune to the AIDS virus.

A strategy that had previously been successful in curing the "Berlin patient," Timothy Ray Brown, in 2007.

The 66-year-old man, known as the "City of Hope" patient after the Californian facility where he received treatment.

He is the second individual to be officially declared to have been cured this year.

The patient is not just the oldest, but has also had HIV for the longest time, diagnosed in 1988.

For more over 30 years, he has been receiving antiretroviral medication (ART) to manage his disease.

The procedure, according to scientists, is effective because the donor's stem cells have a certain, rare genetic mutation.

His leukaemia and HIV have both been in remission for more than a year .

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