nternational Men's Day: Celebrating Contributions and Addressing Challenges 

By: Babita Singh


International Men's Day, on November 19, honors men's contributions to society in economic, social, and political spheres, and highlights their impact on family and institutions. 

Founded by Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh in 1999, International Men's Day  celebrated in nearly 80 countries, aims to address men's issues and celebrate positive role models. 

Uma Challa, a men's rights advocate, spearheaded International Men's Day celebrations in India in 2007, shedding light on challenges within an anti-male legal system. 

The significance of International Men's Day lies in celebrating the positive value men bring to families and communities, promoting awareness of men's well-being globally. 

The day serves as a platform to discuss men's health, well-being, and societal problems, promoting humanitarian values and addressing inequalities based on gender. 

International Men's Day 2023 theme, 'Zero Male Suicide,' focuses on supporting men and boys in understanding and coping with mental health issues, addressing the burden of responsibilities. 

This observance aims to emphasize men's mental well-being, irrespective of cultural and social backgrounds, fostering discussions on anxiety, depression, and suicide prevention. 

International Men's Day, not a UN-recognized global observance, remains a vital occasion to educate and raise awareness about men's problems and challenges worldwide. 


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