NFL World Reacts : Update on the unfortunate Herschel Walker.

By Nitin Singh

According to a report, in terms of campaign funding, Walker is far behind Raphael Warnock.

With Walker and Warnock scheduled for a runoff in December, this might be relevant.

"As of Nov. 16, Warnock, who is fighting to keep his seat in a close contest, had just over $29 million on hand. 

In the final weeks of the election, Walker, a former NFL star and a favorite of the late President Donald Trump, had more than $9.8 million on hand "said CNBC.

"Prior to the midterm elections on November 6, the disclosures provide fundraising information for each candidate from Oct. 20 to Nov. 16. 

Records reveal that throughout that time, Warnock's campaign raised $52 million compared to Walker's almost $21 million."

"Since November 8th, Warnock has raised almost $40 million. For whatever reason, he is a big fundraiser, and I have no idea how he does it "a follower wrote.

One supporter added, "Warnock is totally crushing it with grassroots funding, as usual."

Another fan tweeted, "Woooosh and I'm sure he's putting it to use."

Walker and Warnock will face off in a runoff election in December.

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