Dalton Schultz, a tight end with the Dallas Cowboys, may be sidelined for a while with a knee injury.

The 20-17 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals yesterday caused Schultz to suffer a right knee injury.

The fifth-year professional is battling a PCL problem akin to the one that derailed Ezekiel Elliott last year.

The Cowboys are still waiting to see how Schultz heals, so his immediate future is uncertain.

According to Jesse Morse, a.k.a. "The Fantasy Doc," Schultz most likely won't require surgery, and the extent of his injury will determine when he can return.

"If grade 1, then one might be able to participate in W3. If second grade, he should probably take a few weeks off "Tweeted Morse

Fans of the Cowboys in general appear to be frustrated by the team's continuous injury problems.

In yesterday's game, Schultz caught two catches for 18 yards before being hurt.

He has nine receptions for 80 yards on the season.

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