The bad news about Tom Brady and Gisele's marriage keeps coming in.

Brady and Bundchen supposedly managed this by living separately in South Beach, although they are said to have taken their children to Miami to escape the hurricane.

Hearing that is undoubtedly unfortunate. When you're living apart during a major hurricane, you know things are very awful.

Even if it's not looking good, NFL fans still hope for the best for Brady and Gisele.

"Tom Brady genuinely preferred football to Gisele. Still dealing with that," one supporter wrote.

With the exception of Gisele Bundchen, no one wants to inform Tom Brady that he has transitioned from being the golden boy to the golden bore, according to another fan.

"Gisele wants Brady to retire for the exact same reason as what happened to Tua last night. She, as well as the majority of people, believe that he has nothing more to prove. 

He won MVP awards and Super Bowls, proving he was a franchise quarterback. demonstrated that he could win without Bill, "additional supporter 

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