NFL World reacts to the good news of Tom Brady

By Babita Singh

Tom Brady requires 164 more passing yards to become the first player in NFL history to accomplish 100,000 passing yards during his career

Many brady's fans have reacted to this news on Twitter...

one fan wrote Just two more games needed to achieve this ! keep moving!

Another Fan wrote- No, he's aiming for George Blanda's 48-year-old NFL record of playing in the league. If he succeeds, he might retire.

one fan added that his QB records may never be surpassed due to his tenure and the length of time he played.

One fan joked Millionaire bachelor without a nagging wife or annoying children to get in the way It seems nice to me.

Someone wrote - He still has four sisters, children, and his mother and father by his side. 

Another fan joked that in the divorce, he lost the first 50,000 yards. He is therefore aiming for 50,000 once more.

someone said I suppose setting new records is more significant than his marriage.

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